Small production right in the apartment or private home is a great option for those who want to start a business. In the future, such a company can be expanded and even enter the foreign market. In this article you will learn about what business ideas of production are the most relevant.

Relevance of the implementation of the production idea for small businesses

According to statistics, most novice businessmen are primarily interested in the sphere of service and retail trade. This is quite understandable, because to establish even a small production is much harder than opening a store. However, such companies exist in almost all sectors of the domestic economy. If you choose the right niche and competently organize all processes, the production business can be very profitable.

Those who have already worked in a large industrial organization are more likely to start their own business in this area. At the same time, experienced specialists know that in the sphere of production there is a rather long period between investment and profit making. But they also know that the production business is a priori more promising, especially where there is an opportunity for cooperation in a developed sector.

According to research, about 36% of the small and medium-sized business sector is made up of small enterprises and about 30% is private entrepreneurs. The share of medium-sized businesses is less than 10%.

Small enterprises provide jobs for a fourth of the population in our country. They also account for one third of all revenues. At the same time, almost 70% of companies that have the cost of innovations are also small and medium-sized businesses.

An interesting fact: according to statistics, in our country there are many more private entrepreneurs who are engaged in the production of any product than in other European countries. However, if we compare them with Germany, for example, we can say that we have twice as many mining companies, but 40% fewer manufacturing companies.

Where to start a business idea for manufacturing from scratch

There are three main options how to start your own small production:

  • Buy an existing company and make it more profitable. Here the development takes place without significant changes in the enterprise itself.
  • Organize production itself from scratch, without using a ready-made model as a basis.
  • Buy a franchise.

As for business ideas for small production, you can look for them in two directions:

  • Production of new goods, the need for which is just beginning to form.
  • Release of products that are already on the market. In this case, to achieve success, it is important to make a familiar product special, more convenient, functional, etc.

The most popular business ideas for men in manufacturing

  • Construction of wooden houses

Firms working in the construction industry rarely suffer from a lack of clients. Houses made of solid logs are especially popular now.

The delivery time of a log house is several months. However, some firms are only erecting the building, while others are also engaged in decoration. Construction requires a large number of contractors who provide the necessary materials, as well as extensive staff, including professional designers. When creating houses, a significant number of experienced specialists are always involved in the work.

  • Production of greenhouses and hotbeds from cellular polycarbonate

Today, almost every garden plot has ready frame greenhouses. But everyone understands that they have at least two serious drawbacks – standard sizes and short-lived design. Therefore, many owners of private homes turn to specialists who can collect a good size greenhouse right on the spot.

Greenhouses production is an excellent business idea for those who know how to work with their hands. The procedure is about this: first of all, you learn all the wishes of the customer, make measurements and buy the necessary materials.

  • Manufacture and repair of high-pressure hoses

High Pressure Sleeves (HPSS) are an indispensable part of any car. They ensure correct and uninterrupted operation of all hydromechanisms that are connected to each other. In the event of damage to the WFD, they must be replaced as soon as possible before the machine is out of service. It is possible to assemble the hoses of any required configuration on your own, just having the appropriate equipment.

  • Furniture Manufacture

Among all possible business ideas furniture production is one of the most popular options. As income of the middle class has been growing recently, there are more and more people willing to decorate their apartment with the help of author’s interior items. The master can collect furniture for offices, as well as educational or medical institutions.

  • Monument production

Manufacturing of tombstones and related products from various materials to order – quite a promising business idea for production in the garage. This direction is in demand in any city, but in this sphere there is already a high competition. Garage or other small space outside the city – the best option for placing such production, as it allows you to reduce the cost of rent, and with them and the cost of products.

  • Manufacture of metal-plastic windows

This project provides for the equipment of a full-fledged workshop for the production of doors and windows made of metal plastic, as well as installation work. This business idea of production is also suitable for a small town, because plastic windows everywhere replace the usual wooden models. Competition here is very serious, but if the quality of products will be impeccable, the probability of success is high.

  • Production of raw meat delicacies

Business ideas for the production of products are no less relevant today. For example, you can open a company that produces delicacies made of jerky. There are several ways to sell such a product: non-network food stores, beer bars, HoReCa establishments of high price segment, etc. A significant advantage of such a project is that you do not need to purchase a large amount of equipment to launch it.

  • Line production

Another business idea for production with minimal investment is the opening of a company for the production of monofilaments in the form of pile and trimmer line.

Monofilament pile is used in synthetic brooms as well as in brush disks of sweepers. The trimmer line is a key part of trimmers, handheld devices with which the lawn is mowed. The sale of these products is possible both through intermediaries in the form of wholesale and retail stores, and directly.

  • Manufacture of expanded clay blocks

Ceramic concrete blocks are one of the most environmentally friendly building materials, along with ceramic bricks. They are produced only from natural raw materials. It is equally important that it is obtained from a clean deposit and that it contains no radionuclides. If the quality of the raw material leaves much to be desired, it can release radon, a substance dangerous to human health.

  • Manufacture of plastic containers

Without plastic packaging, modern society simply cannot exist. And although everyone knows the harmful impact of plastic on the environment, neither manufacturers nor consumers are going to give it up. This is due to the fact that this material combines several important characteristics: it helps to preserve the product, makes it more attractive visually and lightens the weight.